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As a home owner the last thing you want is a major plumbing problem that can cause

sewage leaks and even structural damage to your home


Acu Trak


A leak in a pipe under pressure creates noise that travels through the pipe walls, the surrounding ground and along the contents of the pipe. The noise is detected at two separate points during the correlator process (valves, hydrants, stop taps) by highly sensitive microphones. It follows that the noise will take longer to travel to the microphone furthest from the source; this is referred to as the “time delay” or ∆t. Utilizing this and other information (pipe diameter, material and length of section under test), the exact leak position can be calculated by the SeCorr® 08

 A leak noise correlator is an electronic device used for Leak Detection and as a leak locator to find leaks in pressurized water lines. ALM leak Detection uses a surface microphone, a computer leak correlator sound sensor, and accelerometers that are placed at two or more places in contact with the pipe to detect and record sound emitted by leaks. The sound data is processed through a mathematical algorithm which compares or correlates the speed of sound that the leak noise travels from the point of the leak to each of the sensors. The correlation can then be used to determine the location of the leak.


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